top shop goes biba-esque art deco

if you know what you are doing at h&m and forever 21 you can really capitalize on your wardrobe. its easy to find a copy of the latest marc jacobs or diane von furstenberg dress, tshirts and thermals (men or women – love the mens for women) for $9 and accumulate the latest trendy fads. when mixed with high end denim, vintage couture and yummy boots/heels/flats people are usually shocked when you share your forever or h&m piece secret. to the contrary, if you dont know what you are doing you can go offensively wrong, bad, cheesy, ick. nothing flattering about the ‘forever 21 threw up on me’ look. oddly, londons top shop, a similar store to ft21 and h&m, doesnt produce the juxtaposition of fashionable vs. monstrous. we need it in america as soon as possible, they are like the super hero to fashion disasters. from the runway in london here is a glimpse at the inventive and inspiring fall 2007 top shop ready-to-wear collection:

photo cred: marcio madeira

for the full collection click here:

shop topshop online: top shop

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