was really amazing. z puts it into persepctive

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Coachella is tomorrow!!!

Some of Virgin Megastores band autograph signings:

Amy Winehouse 4-5pm
DJ Shadow 5-5:30pm
The Brazilian Girls 5:30-6pm

Regina Spektor 1-1:30pm
Peter, Bjorn & John 2-2:30
Tiesto 6:30-7pm

Mika 2:30-3pm
The Roots 3-4pm
Lily Allen 4-5pm
Air 6pm-7pm

Last minute shopping .
Places to eat.
Set times.
Not going? Watch it live.
Listen on the radio.
If you need a ride carpool.
Massage post-coachella.

omg i cant wait!!

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Congress Bill To Protect Designers

In everything from interpretations of Coco Chanel’s “little black dress” to the Chanel jacket, designers have long made an art and business of copying, reinterpreting and reintroducing designs. While many designers have dodged the “copycat” moniker, others have embraced it.

Nicole Miller and others came to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to lobby lawmakers, many of whom sit on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, which have jurisdiction over intellectual property laws, on a bill they hope will change the law.

The bill could have an impact on retailers such as H&M and Zara, which reinterpret runway designs and trends to sell to the public at lower prices, as well as on retailers’ private label businesses.

link me to the full story: WWD: Copyrighting a Dress: Congress Mulling Bill To Protect Designers

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