Nelly Fertado inspired by Balenciaga

When I saw this photo of Nelly Fertado:

I immediately thought of these balenciaga high tech pumps. Its very possible that she is dressed in head to toe Balenciaga, I mean she straight up looks like the human version of the shoe. However if she is not maybe she/the designer/her stylist were inspired by the pump. Either that or lego land although I think i would go with the former.

If neither of the above ideas were the inspiration I would love to know what was. I happen to really like the primary colors and geometric look but it oddly reminds me of the bedding my brother had was he was 7 which somewhat resembled this:

Fore more pictures of Nelly go to:

Photo Cred: Teddy and Moo,

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H&M – Impressive

H&M is every girls dream, you can find copies of pretty much anything and when it falls apart the trend is pretty much passé. For some reason I’m not as obsessed with H&M as others but I really believe that the stores here in LA are inferior to those on the east coast and abroad. I think it has something to do with the Swedish, the creators of the store, secretly wanting their blondes to look better than the hollywood blondes. Or perhaps there is some sort of mysterious underground business going on at the NY loading docks where too many boxes are “accidentally” taken and by the time anyone realizes the mishap the items have flown off the shelves of every H&M in Manhattan. While all the Conde Nast assistance and coordinators run around in their H&M replicas truly believing that nobody knows its not the real deal the selection in LA is limited to unflattering t-shirts, left over madonna sweats, cheap lingerie and newsboy hats circa 2002.

Generally Im ok with not shopping H&M but after seeing the Fall-Winter ‘07 items this is not longer the case. I am thoroughly impressed and if we dont get a solid shipment, although Im thinking positive and believe we will, a trip to the NY may be necessary. Watch out Conde Nast employees, LA girls may be invading your H&M’s very soon!

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