because im addicted meets Pegah Anvarian

We had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our favorite designers, Pegah Anvarian, to talk about her line, her personal style, her life and well, just read it!

3 adjectives that best describe Pegah Anvarian the person and 3 that define Pegah Anvarian the brand.
Wow! This is a great question to start with.
The person: kind hearted, intuitive, innovative
The brand: edgy, sophisticated, raw
I really create my collection for a woman like me, but she’s definitely an exaggerated version of me. I try to push my personal style to a whole different level with my collection.

I’ve seen your line at Curve, H. Lorenzo and Des Kohan but who is the ideal Pegah Anvarian client? Besides us, obviously!
I think the Pegah Anvarian client can be anywoman! While I think that women who are comfortable dressing sophisticated and a bit edgy may find themselves more at home in my styles, I think there are pieces for everyone. With the right attitude and accessories you can really make my collection your own, whether you are a hipster or a Park Avenue lady who lunches.

For Fall/Winter what are the must have Pegah pieces?
The leather jackets, leather skirts and all the cashmere sweater knits. I plan on living in my cashmere leggings this fall. For going out the cute little wool dresses! I hope we have a really cold winter here in LA so I can rock all the wool from my Fall Collection without dying of heat!

Was designing what you always wanted to do or was it a hobby that became a full time job? If not a hobby what were the steps you have taken to get to where you are?
Designing is something I always wanted to do, but it started out as a hobby. I never had any formal training, my grandmother taught me to sew when I was just a kid. Other than that I have taught myself everything I know. I was a stylist for many years, and sometimes struggled to find pieces I needed for shoots so I would end up making them myself. One time, I fell in love with a roll of this white cashmere jersey, I couldn’t put it down! I stayed up all night draping it and created my first collection. Bendels picked it up and the rest is as they say, “history”.

Are there any vivid moments, perhaps watching your collection rock the runway or seeing one of your pieces on a celebrity or maybe even just sitting in your studio designing, where you really felt a sense of accomplishment? Like, “Wow, I did it”?
My first show was when I really felt it… I didn’t know what to expect and it was a huge hit. The feeling after a show, is unreal. After all the stress and blood, sweat and tears to watch it all come together gives you the greatest sense of “wow, I did it”. I cry after every show, a mix of relief and happiness.

Any life philosophies?

You create your own destiny, so always stay positive. I really believe that they energy you put into the universe determines what you will receive back. I know this is a trendy way of thinking with The Secret and all, but it has been my philosophy for years. My parents are really spiritual and they instilled that way of thinking in me at a young age.

What would you think about your life now if you could have taken a sneak peak at it 10 years ago?
I would never have expected to be where I am today. I really had no clue where my life would take me, I was traveling between NYC and LA styling. I think I would have really been shocked to see myself as a designer. I would have imagined that in 10 years I would still be styling, maybe doing movies. Wow, it’s really amazing where 10 years can take you.

What are your must-haves, go-to piece in your personal wardrobe? What article do you wear the most?
Pegah Anvarian leather jacket, Hermes bracelets, Pegah cashmere sweaters. I pretty much live in my own collections!

What one item are you coveting this fall?
My new Balenciaga coat I was coveting for weeks! Now that I have it, I am dying for the weather to get really cold so I can wear it. It’s AMAZING!

Beauty essentials, what’s in your bag at all times?

Rosebud Strawberry Lipbalm, Nars Chihuahua lipgloss, and YSL emergency nailpolish just in case I need a touch- up.

Flats or heels?
Flats, I run around all day all over the city, if I wear heels for more than 2 hours I am dying. I pretty much live in my Lanvin flats during the summer and Bottega riding boots in the winter.

Goyard or Balenciaga?
Goyard for bags, as much as I love Balenciaga bags they are just too trendy! Although, now that Kanye is rapping about Goyard we will have to see!
I love my Goyard doctors bag, it is impeccably created and so easy, it goes with everything.

Fav fall nail color?
YSL and Chanel are my favorites for nailpolish. Madness from Chanel is a current go- to. I am also obsessed with Navy and Purple for fall.

Current scent?
Annick Gotal Mandragore has been my daily scent. It’s very masculine, a little bit of amber and a little citrus. It is perfect for the changing Fall weather…

Fav LA hotspot? Fav dive bar/restaurant? Fav Store?

Let’s start with favorite store, Des Kohan! It’s my second home. She is great about discovering new avant garde designers. As for hotspots I have to admit that I’m a homebody, I haven’t gone out in forever… but I like going to random places in Silverlake when I do. I prefer being off the beaten path and staying away from the “Hollywood scene”. Favorite restaurant, M Café for lunch, Angelini on Beverly for great Italian and Raw in Santa Monica when I am on that side of town. Abbot’s Pizza in Venice is amazing if I ever need a carb fix. There you have it, Pegah’s version of the LA Zagats guide.

What’s your ring tone? Screensaver? Desktop wallpaper?

My BlackBerry has the gong sound! It may be a stressful phone call that I am about to pick up, but the peaceful sound it makes relaxes me right before! Screensaver is rotating pictures of the universe and different galaxies and my wallpaper is a picture of my dogs…

What 5 bands are you listening to the most right now?

Coco Rosie, Electralane, The Radio Department, Interpol and Kanye! He is everywhere right now…

What art genre interests you the most?
Photography, there are so many amazing photographers out there that do such radically different things. Guy Bourdin was the inspiration for my latest collection, the colors and lines in his work are so powerful. I could look at Andrew Macpherson’s work from the 80’s when he collaborated with Galliano and Amanda Harlech for hours on end for inspiration.

What sites/blogs are you religious to?
Obviously Because I’m Addicted!, French Vogue’s website, itunes, Diane Pernet. And I am going to have a blog on soon; you’ll have to keep an eye out for it!

Favorite designer? Favorite collection at this past fashion week?

Alber Elbaz, Riccardo Tisci, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Haider Ackermann, Christophe Decarnin are my favorites right now. My favorite Spring 2008 collection’s so far have been Preen, the show was amazing and the use of fabric and color was refreshing… and Louise Golden, her knitwear is unbelievable.

What’s lined up on your tivo?
Ugly Betty for a lighthearted good laugh and Project Runway when it starts… I don’t watch a lot of TV. I tend to watch the History Channel documentaries, the crazy one’s about ghosts and spirits are the best!

Any guilty pleasures? (the hills, us weekly, pinkberry, h&m,etc.)

Coffee in the morning from Starbucks is my guilty pleasure, and the occasional Sprinkles Cupcake!

Do you think Britney will make a comeback??

Hell no, not if she continues down this same path! Stay home and get your emotional stuff taken care of girlfriend! No stylist or make- up artist can help her at this point… she really needs to pull it together on a whole different level if she ever wants to make a comeback. Taking care of her emotional health and family should be her priority, not making records.

Kanye or 50cent?

Obama or Clinton? Or…
Obama for sure. It’s all about Obama, he better win.

Words of wisdom for young aspiring designers?
Just don’t give up, keep working at it until you get to the point you want to be. It takes a lot of hard work and there are always set backs. Remember that the unexpected is always around the corner, whether good or bad. And put positive energy out there!

Pegahs Spring 08 Collection shown during fashion week at Hotel QT

Photo Cred: Zuri Magers and Andrew Macpherson

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The Launch of Intermix LA

It’s Tuesday night in LA and what better to do then jaunt over to Robertson for the opening of one of our favorite stores of all time, Intermix!! Since the day we entered the doors of the Union Square location we knew our closets were in luck and our budgets were forever damaged. The launch party was fantastic and the store itself is absolutely dynamite, you must go! While Bolthouse was busy dj’ing
and the Hills crew handled a line of girls wanting photographs I browsed every rack discovering many magical pieces which last night seemed more like decor than clothing. Upon entering the land of must haves directly to the left is a wall of shoes and to the right a wall of handbags, you can literally smell the leather. Stella McCartney, Manolo, Chloe, heaven and reality if you have a black amex. The racks, which surround a large palm tree (soooo LA), were lined with many of the expected, Diane Von Furstenberg, Madison Marcus, Vince, Theory, Helmut Lang, yada yada pretty clothes but more importantly the unexpected, Karta, which was adorable and affordable, Crispin & Basilio, Thread Social and oh so many more. The jewelry selection is divine. We were the most excited about seeing our absolute favorite diamond line, Sydney Evan, glistening in the glass case.
The crowd was LA fashion, Kim Kardashian (cheesy buttock grabbing), Bijou Philips (always chic), Nikki Hilton (never exciting), Perez (hip hop hoodie), Eve (little cap and ador dress), hipsters, blondes, bangs and Marc Jacob handbags. The most fashionable group of all, by no surprise, was Kanye and friends. I loved the Goyard clutch (left), mens over sized shirt (center) and full Pegah Anvarian ensemble (right).
Trust us on this one, if you havent been to an Intermix you must go and if you have been well then you know what you are in for!!

Show me more pictures from the event!!
Take me to pictures from the red carpet!!

Photo Cred: me!!

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