re: why dont you post more of you?

yo world! ive been getting emails for the last few months asking if i would blog a bit more about my personal style/life by posting outfits, purchases, diy and my adventures in la. one reader sent me the link to style bytes asking if i could incorporate posts similar to these. today i got 3 more emails of the sort so i figured i would address the requests and let you know that im considering it. i just think its sort of weird to put pictures up of what im wearing. as for writing about my own life, i try to here and there but will try to a bit more. anywhooooooo, i might move the blog over to, any thoughts?

i love your feedback and requests so dont stop emailing me. much love and a gorgeous photograph…

Photo Cred: thecobrasnake

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Voice of ‘Mind the Gap’ fired

Its the end of an era. The woman behind the gentle, even voice that warns London’s subway commuters to “Mind the gap” was fired after telling a newspaper she thought the transit network was dreadful.

Emma Clarke has been recording messages for London’s subway network, popularly known as the Tube, since 1999. In addition to warning passengers to watch their step, she also reads the trains’ stops, tells riders how long to the next ride, and delivers service updates.

Emma Clarke has a website which hosts a series of spoof Tube announcements, including one warning a passenger not to stare at a woman’s chest and another telling American tourists, “You are almost certainly talking too loud.” Pretty hilar,

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Source and Photo Cred: starttribune and

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