white converse

yesterday we went to brunch and bought new converse. i wore them out of the store and have a feeling that these are going to play a big role in my wardrobe. wayfarers, a dress, a ton of sunblock and chucks to coachella, i can see it now. 24 days!!

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i-d magazine x 6 = agyness deyn

for i-d magazines may issue of 6 different covers agyness deyn went all out. aggy had to endure shooting outside in the snow wearing just her knickers, driving a tank with full-on conjunctivitis, and throwing shapes atop a ladder in westwood ball gown during the london hurricane. you can read all about it here.

can not wait!

photo cred: i-d magazine

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with heels Γ  la burberry prorsum:or with flats:
socks are totally spring chic. barneys has a seriously outrageous selection (my roommate can attest, she owns quite a few pairs and claims they were “the best investment ever”). luckily barneys isnt the only answer, you can really find cute little socks anywhere from target to topshop and for the price of a latte socks with heels/flats make the outfit! yes, i did compare sock prices to lattes.

photo cred: thatshot and rightnow

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plaid, mini and oxxies.

last night 10 or so of us dinner’d at nobu which was seriously paparazziville usa. im not sure who they were coveting most in the celeb packed spot but im putting money on linds lo who totally paid for her own dinner. afterwards we went to a “secret” kanye and common concert at area and danced like maniacs! it so was not a secret….

plaid shirt: my moms closet
leather jacket: mike & chris
mini: james perse dress
tights: american apparel
patent oxxies: steve madden
bracelets: homemade
kanyes glasses: rad

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