go fug yourself girls do a book!!

the go fug yourself girls are bringing you even more laughter!! the witty duo, heather cocks and jessica morgan, have come out with a book, Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Awards.

What’s it about?

Well, here’s what the back cover says:

Hailed as “the meanest queens in the cafeteria” by the Village Voice and “viciously funny” by The Hollywood Reporter, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan entertain 3.5 million unique visitors every month via GoFugYourself.com. Their smart, scathing dressing-down of fashion disasters has become a media sensation, with Time dubbing their website one of the fifty coolest blogs and Entertainment Weekly tagging it as one of the staff’s twenty-five favorite sites on the Internet.

Now, with The Fug Awards, Heather and Jessica hand out honors such as the Sag Award for most egregious misuse of breasts and the Tanorexia Award for the person most addicted to bronzer. They prove that having an unlimited budget and a coterie of hangers-on is no barrier against committing glaring, eye-stinging sartorial missteps.

No celebrity, no matter how respected or revered, is beyond their reach. Not merely cutting, but also genuinely witty and slyly perceptive, The Fug Awards is celebrity schadenfreude at its hilarious best.

read more: gofugyourself.typepad.com/book

available: Amazon.com/Borders, Barnes & Noble, local independent booksellers you can locate via BookSense.com, and our publisher’s Web site SimonSays.com.


source and photo cred: gofugyourself

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  1. thanks a lot for commenting!

    hehe, and that book is definitely something I could do with. no oscar wilde but the perfect dose of gossip.

  2. I’m so freaking excited about their release. Theirs is one of the only blogs/fashion logs that I find myself actually laughing out loud to, they’re just so mean (and honest!).

  3. oh i love the book and the people who wrote it! and the people who dress terribly in order for such a book to be published! i was invited to the book publishing party in the city and the book is definitly all the hype!

  4. I just saw your comment! Thanks for coming to my blog though. I love interacting with people, especially people with the same-good taste. lol.

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