friday/saturday nights in la are ideal for birthday parties and that is exactly what we did last night! it was good times, lots of yummy food and the perfect excuse to borrow this tux jacket from my roomie which im in love with!

today is pool time, laundry, lars and the real girl which ive been trying to watch now for months and the possible planning of my birthday soirée.

tux jacket: bcbg
t-shirt: american apparel
skirt: american apparel
shoes: bakers
bag: carla mancini
jewelry: vintage
watch: freelook

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cuddling with grandpa v-necks

i know ive sort of played out these sandals already but when im not in heels interviewing (which ive been doing a ton lately – yay!) they are too comfortable to pass up. its been chilly the last 2 evenings which has given me the perfect opportunity to live in my ultimate favorites, grandpa v-neck sweaters and a mike & chris jacket.

the last few nights have been really busy so tonight i think i may just lay low. im off to grab some in n’ out, yumm, and then hopefully ill catch a 9ish movie which reminds me, need to check whats playing!

sweaters: goodwill
leather jacket from the top pic: mike & chris
mini: american apparel (i know everyone is sick of this skirt but..)
sandals: santee
jewelry: all vintage
bag: carla mancini

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