alexandre herchcovitc does band-aids

according to paper mag, fashion designer alexandre herchcovitch has teamed up with johnson & johnson to create these limited edition band-aids, currently available throughout brazil (herchovitch’s home turf) and at opening ceremony. skinning your knee has never been this chic!

what do you think, stick to neutral or cover your boo-boos with these pretty little things?

source and photo cred: paper mag

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  1. Have I totally lost my mind, or do I seem to remember period in the late 80s when it was chic to wear neon colored bandaids as accessories? Even if I’m crazy and that never happened, it still makes sense. Anything can be fashion, right?

  2. Those are so cool! Probably the closest I’ll ever get to wearing something by a designer. Nude colored band aids are noticeable anyways, might as well have fun with your injury.

  3. I kinda love them a lot. Camilla, I think it was a real fad. I know in the early 90’s I would put colored Band Aids Down the backs of my Doc Martin Boots. Oh lord I can’t believe I typed that out loud. Anyway I would totally use those band-aids, I never buy the nude ones anyway always the colorful kid ones.

  4. I’m going to go to Brazil and climb a tree, jump out of a swing at full height, or maybe just fall over the handlebars of my bike. 😉

    I have your lovely blog on my roll… would you like to trade links?

  5. Herchcovitc band-aids top plain band-aids any day of the week. If I’m going to get all dinged up, I might as well show off my gnarly wounds with cool band-aids!

  6. Oh I love these! Definitely these over neutral. I’m not the biggest Hello Kiddie fan, but she is on my band-aids and I love them… so I imagine I’d be quite receptive to herchcovitc’s designs.

  7. designer band- aids were made for luxaholics! I would totally wear these over the boring regular skin tone band-aids!! These are fabulous!

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