waist accessories

in true nirvana style mk is bringing back tying flannels around your waist. what do you think of the throwback trend, would you rock it?

one things for sure, if this trend miraculously reappears it will definitely make it more difficult to play ‘spot the tourists.’

sidenote: mk & ashleys “influence” book is now available for pre-order here.

photo cred: jezebel

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  1. i’m not really into the plaid look if it seems as though it’s been hanging out in some guy’s closet since the 90’s. with that being said, built by wendy has some fabulously chic options in dark purples and blacks that are quite appealing.

  2. I really honestly think she did this without thinking and if this really spurs the trend to return it would be insane/hilarious.
    I’m not a fan of celebrity culture but I can’t help to admit the girl has style. You see some celebs out without the styling they usually have and they seriously look like shit and while MK has seen her share of questionable outfits, she always has something going on which is obviously more than you can say for most.

  3. I have to agree with blogette (how cute). some things come around and I don’t mind that but that isn’t the one I want to see coming back. It’s a fine look for working around the garden tho ^^(not the sandals obviously…)

  4. I kind of feel like they are just going through every trend from the last 10-20 years and flogging it to death before moving onto the next. It’s not cool any more it’s just ridiculous. That head band with the Missoni dress was the clincher for me.

  5. Mmmm, I’m really not sure: wear your plaid shirts don’t have them hanging so loosely below your waist. This might even be an unintentional fashion “mistake”? I’m curious to see the book x

  6. i love the grungy plaid+leather jacket look. she works anything she throws on but i wouldn’t wear it like that. unless i was in a hurry…

  7. When I saw the pic for the first time I was a bit confused.I don’t like it.I used to wear my sweats around my waist when I was 5…

  8. hmm i agree with gnarlitude jen, I really don’t think she planned this one, just threw it on. I am from kurt’s hometown and I am al for the plaid. I think this is a totally chill and perfectly grunge look. The plaid shirt is a perfect piece to throw on a semi bland outfit.

  9. there’s not such thing as ugly trends. if you have the style, atittude, and vision, you will rock this baby in the runway. That’s how EVERY trend gets started. Hey, you never know, it can be the next big thing in 2009 and considered a classic in 2010.


  10. Love plaids but i think that this is a very personal way to use it. Surely I will manage to do it in my own way with pleasure.

    About the book… don´t care that much what they have to say. I don´t like their style very much lately. Mabey the interviews can be interesting, but what can I say… I can find it in other books.

    If someone read it please let me know your impression. I will love it. I am a book addicted.

    au revoir!

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