Hollywood Arts

For many of us the streets of Hollywood, Vine/ Ivar/ Cahuenga, are simply the locations of the places we go to party and dine but for others it is unfortunately home.

Last night I went to a benefit for Hollywood Arts which works to help 18-25 years Hollywood street residents by providing art education. It was refreshing to listen to some of the success stories but heart wrenching to think about all the people my age, and any age for that matter, who live on the streets of LA.

The benefit was thrown to help subsidize that lack of funding due to a struggling economy. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering or donating to the center visit http://www.hollywood-arts.org/givereceive.php.

Big round of applause and a standing ovation for Hollywood Arts! And a Happy Halloween to you!

Top: Point
Skirt: AA
Tights: Kova & T

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Digital Cribs

I ran over to Cheebo during lunch to do a brief cameo on Digital Cribs who has chosen to profile internet superstar and one of my girlfriends, Shira Lazar! The set up was sort of like The Hills, we were both mic’d and had to just pretend the camera wasn’t there. Naturally I called her Halloween costume slutty and we blogged. I was going to post this entry while filming but I forgot my camera cord at home, oopsie, they’ll just have to edit that part out.

It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see how her piece comes out! Thank you Cisco and Shira for including me!

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The iBangle

Just in case it wasn’t fashionable enough to strap your nano onto your arm now there is the iBangle, yes, for serious! According to Racked LA, designer Gopinath Pransana created a thin aluminum bracelet with icy blue accents which plays music and has built-in functions a la the iPod, including a multi-touch trackpad (shown above). It would also have an air chamber to inflate, so the bracelet doesn’t slip around the wrist. Listen to music via wireless in-ear headphones and you’re good to go. Check out all the photos here, and dare to dream of Apple bringing the iBangle to life.

Source and Photo Cred: racked

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