Bringing Down the Temperature

The weather is finally starting to cool down after weeks of 100+ degree temps, thank goodness! I’m not sure if its because we don’t see them often in LA but I seriously crave/love gloomy days. After a while my eyes need a break from the sunshine and my wardrobe needs to include coats, gloves and massive amounts of layering.

Last night I peeled myself off the couch where I was pleasantly consuming unneccasary amounts of the Rachel Zoe Project and went to a girlfriends bday. I didnt want to change out of the comfy sweatshirt so I wore this little evening bag, which is my recently rekindled favorite item, to avoid looking like a complete bum.

Leggings: American Apparel (I higly recommend these as an alternative to the cotton leggings, they never bunch up at the knee and always fit like a glove)
Sweatshirt: American Apparel
T-shirt: American Apparel
Bag: Hand-me-down from my mom
Boots: Calvin Klein

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  1. so simple BUT always so DARN BEAUTIFUL Geri!!!

    i love the raglan. it can easily transition from— i fell asleep in it— to— OK its perfect for the next day. score.

    hope you’re having a fabulous weekend !!!!!!


  2. Yeah Inever thought I’d get sick of summer but I’m, so freaking glad it’s cooling down now

    haha, I love how much AA you’ve got in there, that’s like my minimum amount per outfit everyday 😛

    thanks for the lovely comment!


    and for my own jealous reasons Im happy its finally becoming fall there in LA, cause now I can stop being envious towards all the girls who live there and can wear shorts in the winter! SO HA

  4. hiii. thank you!!!

    zoe/nature grafitti, ya, $34. you need them if you dont have them. they are the ones i linked:

    rumi, her show is BANANAS and way too addicting. in fact, im on the couch and its on as i type.

    anonymous 3:08, its a medium but i have a different color in a large and i love the way they both fit for different moods.

    s, not really. im always cold though!

    dont be a hero, its sort of insane how much american apparel we all wear. what a business they have going!

    sorry mom, i stand corrected! xoxo

    thank you everyone for the comments and for visiting.


  5. Could you hand me down that bag?! I could do with something like that this season. Honestly, it’s not easy finding good quality vintage bags where I live. 🙁

  6. Hey ladies! OK for those of you who own the leggings I was wondering if they ran small, because I really want them in Fluorescent Pink but they only run in Large or XSmall and if i bought them i would do so in the Large but I don’t want them to be baggy 🙁 Any tips?

  7. I have those leggings too. I have had them for two years and they have never stretch and don’t even seem worn out, yet I have worn them HEAPS. So good 🙂

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