While shivering around town all I could think about was how warm this coat must be. I wish I could climb into it and thaw out. I must say, even though I’m chilled to the bone the novelty of the snow hasn’t worn off just yet. Still intentionally jumping around […]

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Cold As Ice


I’m out of LA for the week in a very cold snowy wintery wonderland and am really loving it. Cuddling up with hot tea, watching the bare tree branches fill with white dust, jumping around in the snow until my feet freeze. It is the perfect weather to snuggle up […]

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http://rebeldnce.com/ . http://rebeldnce.com/ . http://rebeldnce.com/I fell in love with this French line months ago when I found their blog full of blogga like poses showcasing some of their perfect pieces. Textured and vibrant, I wanted to stick my hands through the computer and touch the intentional unfinished looking shorts and […]

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Running all over LA in my new boots made for a great night and luckily very little foot ache. We stopped at House of Petro Zillia to check out Nikki Hiltons ‘Nicholai’ fall launch, I interviewed her (which, if you are interested, you can read later on Racked once its […]

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