Me, myself and mags

This week has been a whirlwind so this weekend I intend to cuddle up and zone out to a stack of glossy mags and my new book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which has me contemplating becoming a vegetarian. I attempted it for 3 days but fell off the wagon after the the steamed broccoli and rice dinner. What? I was still hungry! Next week, tofu.

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  1. I’ve been a veg for almost a year now after reading Skinny Bitch (which should’ve made me want to go vegan…but that is just way too hard) and I don’t miss meat at all. There are some AMAZING meat substitutes out there, so when I do need something more than grains and vegetables, I eat fake chicken. I say head to your local health food store and try some new things! Good luck!

  2. im a vegetarian also and allergic to wheat so many people are always asking me what i actually eat! i eat alot to fish, tuna, salmon, nuts, eggs. theres heaps of good recipies on google. if you really disagree with eating animals then just stay determined and keep that in mind x

  3. that image is killer.

    while i have to admit i miss your lovely outfits as well, I’m loving all the miscellaneous pictures you’ve been posting. tres inspiring.

    i could never be a vegetarian…i have found bugs in tofu one too many times.

    plus i love in n out. and a “grilled cheese” would never do.

  4. Haha goodluck with your vegetarianism! I have the opposite problem, Im kind of forcing myself to subconciously become one, I just can eat meat, even though I sometimes just really want a burger.. I just cant >_<

  5. i tried becoming a vegetarian myself the beginning of 2008, it lasted about eight months and now i’ back to eating meat, props if you can do it!

    great blog btw, first time visiting & i love!

  6. I read “The Omnivoir Dilemma” a few months back and loved it. It opened up my eyes to many things I was unaware of and introduced me to a new lifestyle. I am not a vegetarian and I do love my beef and poultry. I even happen to believe it is necesary for humans to consume. It is the disrespectful way we treat these animals that I find to be the greatest problem. Enjoy the book. It’s one of my all time favorite reads.

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