Magritte Inspired Fashion Editorial


Feast your eyes on Andrew Matusik’s ‘Sir Realist’ editorial inspired my surrealist extraordinaire Rene Magritte. It’s so refreshing, artistic, genius, surreal, I want to frame it.Fun fact. Did you know that Paul McCartney, a life-long fan of Magritte who owns many of his paintings, claims that a Magritte painting inspired […]

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Dating A Banker Anonymous


I died a billion and one times while reading each and every entry on Dating A Banker Anonymous (DABA). My ex is a banker and man do I have mayyyjah sympathy for anyone dating/dealing with a breakup with someone in the finance world right about now. What is Dating A […]

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Cat Woman


I was filming some shizz at one of my favorite stores which called for major styling playtime. We combed through rack by rack picking out pieces that lit up our eyes and brought grins to our faces, you know that mmmmmmm this piece is unreal feeling? Fun times! Once it’s […]

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Lets be honest, I consume more online content than I care to admit but every so often I stumble across a blog that sucks me in and before I know it, like a good book, I’ve read it all. During a rainy computer filled night I fell into YES YES […]

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