Loving Val’s ‘Tom Binns diy necklace’, not pictured but it dazzles similarly to this. I saw Tom speak at the Hammer Museum Monday (along with Sally Singer, fashion features and news editor at Vogue, Kate Mulleavy from Rodarte, Adriano Goldshmied of AG and Christina Kim but more on that later, […]

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The Two Step


Stylist Elisa Nalin has quite the shoe collection and a gorgeous windy staircase that is just aching for a slide down the banister. Wouldn’t it be picturesque to see the 2 combined, a pair of shoes per step? When I was a little girl my sister and I would ride […]

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Julia Fullerton Batten


When I was at Photo LA there were a few photographers that really caught my attention and Julia Fullerton Batten was one of them. After spending a few moments with her work I found something very honest about female emotions. Plus, I liked the grey keds and red ballet flats. […]

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