Studded Shins & Eyeglass Chains

PC. Park&Cube

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  1. SO FUN YOU POSTED THIS!! I’m actually in the process of a DIY of the sunglasses with my raybans!

    so easy to make! and adorable. Thanks P+C!

    awesome postttt!


  2. ah! those pants are so off-beat and awesome! And the black (velvet?) top is in the came category.

    🙂 thanks for sharing!


  3. I’m into sunglasses only when sports is in discussion.Your eyewear needs to fit your game, not the other way around. Whether it’s sunglasses, prescription eyewear, safety goggles or other eye protection, action eyewear needs to fit the criteria of your game.

  4. While stock eyewear frames will work for most people who need or want eyeglasses, personally, I want more. More colors, retro designs, or even just something extra special or that has meaning for me.

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