not over it: socks and heels

When I think of socks and open toe sandals the usual image that pops into mind is one of a touristy middle aged man. He mildly resembles Peter Griffin, his uniform consists of Teva’s and tube socks,
shorts that show a tad too much leg and a thick khaki photographers vest over a Hawaiian print shirt. Totally your fashion dream guy, the Ken to Malibu Barbie.

Thankfully that image was put on hold when Christopher Bailey sent socks and heels down the Burberry Prorsum runway. T’was love at first introduction, like the first time you tasted Ben and Jerry’s or fast forwarded through commercials on Tivo. Not only was it love, it was a solution to that dilemma we all run into now and again: desperately needing a pedicure but wanting to wear that perfect sandal.

Double win!

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