black wedges

I never thought I would say this but lately I’ve been into
Kim Kardashian’s style in a big way: Balmain blazers, little h&m dresses, boyfriend jeans, stunning red carpet moments, flattering little tops and no more juicy jumpsuits!

I was excited to find out that the brains behind her fresh look, Monica Rose, started a blog where she shares her inspiration, styling tips and breaks down the outfits she dresses clients in. My favorite posts are her yummy suggestions on how to get looks for less. I sort of forgot that Aldo existed until I spotted the assortment of shoes she suggested. Black wedges for $100, count me in!

Top, Tumlin. Bottom, Maune.

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  1. Niiiiiiice!

    Monica has been doing a great job with styling Kim K. Considering where she came from, she’s really classed her up (and I swear I’m not knocking her…REALLY!…LOL).

  2. oooh i bought the second pair in toronto when they first came out.
    LOVE them and they are super, super comfortable to wear all day. plus, they look so cool that i use them in a lot of photo shoots (check out for pics!)


  3. I’ve been impressed with Kim’s style lately too. And she looks great on the red carpet. She doesnt look as crass as she used to be.

  4. must check out her blog… as for the shoes LOVE them both… as i own the second pair, they are surprisingly comfy for their height and i love them…. when ever i wear them i get loads of compliments… or eyes on them!!

  5. i owned the suede maunes for about a day – amazing, but they killed my feet, so i returned them =(

    the top ones look promising though, and are just as awesome…

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