right idea

About to pack for my Thanksgiving travels and am totally inspired by Whyred’s cut. The looser the fit the more ideal for the gluttonous holiday season, yes?

Bring it on butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie! There is nothing the baggy vintage tops and dresses loitering in my closet can’t help hide.

ps – before you throw away your leftovers think about the 9.6 million U.S. residents who currently experience hunger and help to change this statistic: Food: Waste Not, Want Not.

pss – note the shoes (including the boots which unzip so you can have two different height, genius), swooooooooon.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! xo

Photos: vanillascented

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  1. hottttt.

    i am loving the shoes here, and that quite random green dress. must agree with the looser fitting too. cant let a muffin top ruin your holiday cheer!

  2. I agree. Tent like upper half makes for guilt free eating.

    Happy Turkey Day!! (even though this Brit doesn’t celebrate it per se – hang on, that rhymed…)

    Karen x

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