back in 2008

Photo Credit: Ron Cadiz. Wearing vintage top, American Apparel leggings, Calvin Klein boots, vintage and Sydney Evan necklaces, vintage rings, Wrapz bracelets, Freelook watch.

Back in 2008 I flew to New York for my first blog related magazine photo shoot and let me tell you, it felt like the biggest deal! Blogs weren’t what they are today; girls weren’t front row at couture shows, modeling contracts were unheard of and features in magazines were far and few between.

Picked up by a fancy blacked-out Escalade and greeted by a full team, I gave it my all. We shot for two hours: hair, make-up, multiple looks, a fan, the whole shabang. I even rocked my best air guitar.

Naturally, I could not contain myself and told everyone and their moms (I even posted on facebook, ew). Of course my grandparents immediately bragged shared the news (grandchild competition is on a whole other level) and it didn’t stop there. My mom blasted her network, my best friends mom bought the perfect frame and before I knew it I was getting emails and calls and text messages and and and.

About three months later I got an email saying that the article was pulled from the magazine and it would never run. I was completely mortified. I mean, my grandma’s friends were buying every issue. I got over the let down and promised myself never to talk about blog related anything until it launched and have pretty much stuck to it.

Low and behold, it’s now 2010 and the pictures from one of the looks just popped up in my in-box! So here they are Nonnie, Papa, mom, Mrs. Moennich and friends! They may not have run in a huge print publication but they landed prime placement on this old blog.

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painfully shy

Wearing LnA lace top, evil eye vintage necklace purchased in an open air market in Israel.

I did the shuffle ball change once or twice before walking out of the house in this number for a photo shoot. I finally grew the courage when my roommate walked in and not just approved but applauded the rare showing of skin.

Four shots into the production I decided I couldn’t go on with my entire tummy beaming through lace. I changed.

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show stoppers

Hellllo, Burberry Prorsum A/W 10-11 boots!

How astronaut-bouncing-on-the-moon-meets-snow-boarder-eskimo-cross-country-skiing-high-fashion are the bottom pair (which also come in a shorter version)?

And can we talk about the major return of the pointy-toe? How do we feel about it?

Photos: studded hearts

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