diane kruger by karl lagerfeld

If I found a genie in a bottle and was granted the wish to raid a few closets, Diane Kruger’s would definitely be one of them.

How fab is she in Vogue Germany? More after the jump.

p.s. – whose closets would you raid?

Photos: Diane Kruger by Karl Lagerfeld | Vogue Germany March 2010

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  1. Hahaha, probably would raid yours…or at least drag you shopping with me! And if I could convince Monica Rose to join…oh how fun.

    Anyway, back to reality- Diane is gorgeous. Like, just beyond gorgeous. There is and will never be a bad photo of her. Like, ever.

  2. She’s pulls off the dandy look s well.

    I’d definitely raid Anna Dello Russo’s closet. You know that woman has like every amazing piece made in the last decade stored away in somewhere climate controlled.

  3. Vogue Germany is awesome all right. Did you see Natasa in the April issue? So intense.

    Anyway, definitely love Diane. She looks amazing. If I’d to raid a closet it’d probably be Kate Moss’s, or John Galliano’s, purely for love/sentimental value; or Lady Gaga’s, for the fun/adventure of it all.

  4. Karl is really getting good with a camera!

    I think I could probably live in Kate Moss’s closet as well as Ashley Olsen’s…I hear she has an amazing archived collection of gowns!

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