five nights in moscow

Yana Lebedeva in Chapurin, Julie Lebedeva in Chapurin and I in H&M / Julie and I

Apologies for the delay on my Moscow recap but it was all for good reasons, a magazine in Russia called ‘Sex and The City’ had the exclusive to the experience. Sort of rad, right? And without further ado..

I’m pretty sure I spent more time in L.A. traffic last Friday than I did in Moscow for Fashion Week. I could not spare a moment on jetlag or differentiating between vodkas on account of all the clubs, after parties, restaurants (the food – so good you could die), and especially fashion shows, that kept me jet setting with the best of em.

I hosted a round table, multiple interviews with designers, including one with the President of Russian Fashion Week, had two showroom visits, playtime in a couture closet, all wrapped up in hundreds of photographs and hours of footage. It was a whirlwind adventure with a 360° view of Russian fashion and we had the time of our lives.

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