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Mysterious hats > wrinkles/sunburns

Photos: streetfsn / altamiranyc / atlantic-pacific

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  1. Haha, just today I’ve been constantly repeating to myself “i need to get a hat. i need to get a hat” and then i spot this. I need to get a hat!

  2. The last one is H&M which is in stores now. Or it’s pretty identical! It is made of paper straw and it has a wider than normal brim. I tried it on. It was lovely.

  3. agreed. love them. i bought a fabulous hat (awesome, crushable, waterproof, perfect) last year that made me feel a little indiana jonesy and you literally could not pry it off my head last winter. This year somehow it didn’t get much wear, but I’m sure next year I’ll be the queen of hat hair once again.


  4. I know your post is about hats…and mind you they are fab but do you happen to know who made the red patent shoe of your last pic? Really loving it. Thanks! ;)))

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