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I’ve LOVED the glossy pages of rue magazine since their very specific aesthetic hit my screen. So specific that ‘rue’ has in fact become an adjective in my world. Big polka dots? That’s so rue! An insanely creative and gorgeous office space? How rue is this place? Bright colored anything? Ahhh soooo rue!

When they asked me to collaborate on their GAP partnership I jumped at the opportunity and in true rue fashion I rocked out polka dot pants with a bright orange belt. I paired the snazzy trousers with a cozy sweatshirt which added just the right amount of casual to the statement making silk pants. So rue, right?

You can check out the rest of the rue x GAP features (which includes some of my favorite girls!) on

Thank you to the rue team and for the feature! xx


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  1. la vie quotidienne:

    AMAZING LE RUE….amazing GAP is a great Brand and wonderful pants.

    YOu can check me in NEON 2 CAPES:

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  2. [Virginie Peny]:

    Beautiful pictures, you look so great! congrats!


  3. Daisy:

    You look amazing!

  4. Jina Cheena Jungle:

    Is that an IRO jacket?

  5. evanescent:

    cute! your hair is soo pretty, and i love the outfit.

  6. enhanced diamonds:

    That balloon makes the picture…awesome!

  7. Xeana:

    In the first picture you look so great. Outfit is amazing. I love your pants!


  8. Kate:

    Love these photos! And congratulations on your collaboration, lucky thing! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  9. PlaceTrends:

    Love, love the outfit!! and photos are great, too!!!

    xx alex

    Place Trends GIVEAWAY CONTEST:

  10. Lydia Rose:

    I love the clarity for the photos and styling really great :)

  11. Olivia McCaskill:

    Love the shoot! Looks so fun!

  12. kristina:

    love this geri!!

  13. monkeyshines ♥:

    lovely styling!


  14. Ritika:

    I love those pants. I simply love your blog. Its amazing. Truly. Love your smile! Your style is perfect! So much to learn from you. Would appreciate if you visit my blog and drop me a feedback.


    you look ADORABLE! love this.

  16. StreetLounge:

    OMG, I just love this balloon, lol :)))

  17. Hannah:

    those trousers are so cute!


  18. Jaeger:

    So cute!!


  19. Enkntos:

    OMG! I love this photos! Amazing!

    Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me if you care what blogging.
    Thanks and greetings!

  20. Grace Lynne Fleming:

    really, really love those precious pants! polka dots are my fav!


  21. Inspirational Jewelry Wholesale:

    Such a cute outfit!! I love how you dressed down these cute pants with a casual top. So pretty!

  22. CV Love:

    So cute

  23. Jules:

    holy shit G.
    You look FLY ASS HELL!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot- you look amazing!!


  24. Natalie:

    Are those Robert Rodriguez silk pants? I think so!….

  25. Naomi:

    Great pants.


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