a peek inside: valerie killeen’s o.c. digs

When Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen’s BLEACH BLACK hit the airwaves it somehow felt like the internet was more complete. Two girls, two perspectives, one blog.  I was into it. 

Then one day in 2009 I showed up for a Lucky Mag photo-shoot and there they were, Kristin and Val, live in the flesh. They were even better in person.  Not only did they run this rad blog but they both had very demanding high profile jobs – we’re talking Creative Director at Nike (Kristin currently) and Design Director at Element Skateboards (Val up until this past June) – and not only were they as raw as the blog eluded to but they were incredibly warm.

We’ve remained friends since the shoot and every time I see either one of them I’m eager to learn about their latest and greatest.  Whether it’s creating and selling nail-polish (dickweed and jizz), thesnow white iphone case,’ starting a new job, launching a new site or being the face of a campaign, they’re both constantly moving the needle on and off the dubl-u dubl-u dubl-u.

In honor of Val’s newest venture SHELTER BLACKwhere she curates inspired living, features remarkable spaces, DIY home projects, designer doppelganger looks-for-less AND sells her own creations – she gave Refinery 29 a tour of her DIY and thrift filled O.C. digs. More of which is after the jump!

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outfit inspo: 7 denim trends to try now!

While the good old skinny blue jean may be the ultimate go-to, sometimes a girl needs to switch up her denim and the time has never been better than now! Here are 7 alternative skinnies to step up your denim game: 

1. Camo: Hands down, these are my favorite printed denim of the moment!  

2. Leopard (in any color!): From the second these hit the shelves earlier this year, they sold out just about everywhere. Enter: eBay. Not only can you find them in multiple sizes but in a variety of colors like grey, blue, and burgundy

3. Ikat: I fell in love with these after spotting them on Aimee from Song of Style. They radiate style. 

4. Oxblood & Velvet: Oxblood skinny jeans are the new neutral but if you add a little texture to them like velvet they are a showstopper. Especially during the holiday season. 

5. Scribbled: If you’re one who likes to be totally unexpected, these have your name written (or shall I say scribbled) all over them. 

6. Colored: Whether it be oxblood, army green, bright red, navy blue, or mustard—you really can’t go wrong with a bold colored skinny. 

7. Distressed: If patterned and colored jeans are too much for you then switch things up with distressed denim. Chill, easy, and cool all year long. 

This post is part of eBay Finders, a new partnership that presents collections of items curated by a carefully selected group of style setters. Find more inspiration at eBay Fashion. #eBayFinders 

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