November 6, 2012

branding the presidents

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In honor of Election Day (omgicannotbelieveitselectionday!!!!) it only felt appropriate to share this great series ‘Branding the Presidents of the United States‘ by Meg Jannot.

Jannot intersects politics and design by distilling each of the 44 president’s (she’s almost complete, has made it through  Reagan) terms into one single image. She uses slogans, pictures, and famous quotes to capture the personality of every president’s tenure and thus, a snapshot of history. 

Pretty rad.  And I, like everyone else, am anxiously awaiting to see the future of this project (or lack there of for at least another 4 more years – #teamobama).  

Hope everyone goes out and votes!

Photos:  Branding the Presidents of the United States

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cheap prom dressesNovember 7th, 2012 at 6:34 am

That is such a cool idea! As a designer, we're ALWAYS planning in aerial view first, yet I've never thought of shooting the space like this after the fact! This is brilliant! Pinning!

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