outfit inspo: the alt effect

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French Vogue editor-in-chief, Emanuelle Alt, is revered by fashion followers the world over for her distinct style which boils down to all things classically French: simple, thoughtful and polished.  Her formula also happens to be perfect for fall.

Alt’s signature style? A tailored blazer or a cool moto, a button-down shirt or a tee, slim jeans, a rad belt and either a sleek pump, sexy sandal, or killer ankle boots. As noted by her ubiquitous, tireless street style photos, her uniform is foolproof time and time again.

Get the recipe:

The skinny jean. The most versatile and polished denim. And why not Balmain?

The perfect t-shirt. Well fitting t-shirts are surprisingly difficult to come by and are rarely acknowledged as “investment pieces” but if you rock them as often as Alt it’s time to rethink that.

The staple blazer. Every girl, French or not, should have a go-to staple blazer and this Isabel Marant offers a nice twist to the classic.

The moto jacket. While a classic black motorcycle is key, this studded Balmain gets shutters flashing.

Something Hermès. The quintisential French luxury label has been around since 1837 and since we’re channeling Emanuelle Alt we had to go belt.

Louboutin’s. Classically French. Both the shoes and the designer.

Ray Ban Aviators. Single handedly the most universal pair of sunnies on the planet.

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