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I know this photography project has made it’s way around the internet BUT it was one of my favorites of 2013 and as the year comes to a close it only felt appropriate to give it a little more love. Plus, I’m heading to South America today and feel particularly inspired by the idea.

About follow me to: Photographer Murad Osmann creatively documents his travels around the world with his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading the way in his ongoing series known as Follow Me To. Chronicling his adventures on Instagram, the Russian photographer composes each shot in a similar fashion. We see each landscape from the photographer’s point of view with his extended hand holding onto his girlfriend’s in front of him.

With her back turned, never revealing her face to the camera, Osmann’s girlfriend guides us all on a journey across the globe to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and radiant environments. There are also comforting and familiar settings mixed in for good measure. Whether the couple is spending a romantic night in Moscow, having an exotic adventure in Asia, or simply going bowling, Osmann keeps a visual record of their escapades as he trails behind his beloved.

So cute and creative, right?

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one skirt, four perfect holiday looks with topshop

Need the perfect transitional piece for all of your holiday festivities? I teamed up with TOPSHOP to show you how to create 4 holiday-party-approved outfits from just one snazzy skirt.

From New Year’s Eve to the holiday office party I’ve got you covered! Just press play.

Outfit 1: Black vinyl pencil skirt, split back blue sequin top and pistol stiletto boots.

Outfit 2: Black vinyl pencil skirt, pink wool boyfriend coat, box pleat blouse, couldn’t find the exact necklace online but there are SO many good one’s here, glimmer heels and merino holdall bag (in burgundy).

Outfit 3: Black vinyl pencil skirt, burnout tee, lime boxy fur gilet and glimmer heels.

Outfit 4: Black vinyl pencil skirt, knitted quilted stripe jumper, croc crossbody bag, rolled edge beanie and pistol stiletto boots.

So…which was your favorite look?!

**This post is sponsored**

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