DIY: Pop Bottle Vases

Pop Bottle Vases

Give the gift of flowers and pretty up your space any day of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day from Soph and I! 

Hope you enjoy our LEAF DIY video.

You’ll Need: 
  Any empty 6-pack of glass bottles (we used Izze) 
  White spray paint 
  Color spray paint of your choice
  Large pot 

1. Place the bottles in a pot of very hot water for 3 minutes. 
2. Carefully empty the bottles & peel off labels. 
3. Remove excess label glue using nail polish remover. 
4. Lay out newspaper on your spray paint work space. 
5. Place bottles down and coat them with white spray paint. 
6. Let dry. 
7. Spray the carrying case with white, then, once dry, spray with color. 
8. Let dry.
9. Snip the ends of your flowers.
10. Arrange flowers in the bottles, place them in your carrying case. 
11. Deliver!

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