recipe: champagne cocktail

champagne cocktail
In this LEAFtv video I pour the simplest champagne cocktail – a guarantee to get any brunch going.

Hope you enjoy!

Recipe: Champagne Cocktail

You will need:
-Sugar Cubes

1. Add 1 sugar cube per glass.
2. Add 3-5 drops of bitters per glass.
3. Fill glass with your favorite bubbly.
4. Chin chin! ENJOY!

For another take on the champgne cocktial check out this ‘Lavender Champagne Cocktail‘ I shot with the lovely Annie Cambpell for Mother’s Day.

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a peek inside: athena calderone’s brooklyn home

 photo 15-s97a9671_zpsf17be0c9.jpg photo 13-s97a9679_zps57260c6d.jpg photo 19-s97a9518_zps52e70fad.jpg photo 06-s97a9295_zps7a5e7bbd.jpg photo 02-s97a9799_zpsdb46c1a7.jpg photo 26-s97a9774_zpseec7dce6.jpg photo 07-s97a9307_zps7e876d24.jpg photo 08-s97a9552_zps74652628.jpg photo 03-s97a9230_zps44ea3282.jpg photo 18-s97a9484_zps571894aa.jpg
What is interior designer Athena Calderone’s number one decorating rule?

“Never follow any rules! I am all about mixing and contrasting elements. I think a room should never strike just one note. I love combining polarizing qualities and using elements that seem like they shouldn’t work, but do. I think it creates a tension that brings intrigue and curiosity to a space. So, a clean environment with eclectic oddities, luxurious textures next to raw ones, old pieces with new ones, that’s what gives a room character and depth.” 

Her ‘don’t follow any rules’ approach is echoed not just tthroughout her beautiful Brooklyn home but in no-joke wardrobe, more of which is after the jump!

p.s. she blogs too: eye swoon. click, click!

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