DIY Beachy Acrylic Clutches

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After an exhausted and failed attempt at trying to track down THOSE Jimmy Choo acyrlic clutches (seriously – how gooooood are they?) Soph and I decided to give our own version a go with a little DIY.

They turned out pretty darn cute if we say so ourselves and the best part – you can print any image you like to really make the clutch you own.Β 

Clutch? Clutch!

Oh, AND, we also made a how-to video.

How to: DIY Beachy Acrylic ClutchΒ 

You’ll Need:
– Moge Podge
– Your favorite high-quality beach photo
– Crystal (can be found at craft stores)
– Acrylic clutch (we found these at The Container Store – here)

1. Print out your favorite beachy image
2. Trace clutch
3. Cut

4. One side at a time, apply a thin layer of moge podge to inside of clutch
5. Press on pieces, let dry
6. Apply another layer of moge podge over paper, let dry
7. Glue crystal to top of clutch, press firmly, let dry
8. Enjoy!

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  1. Okay I am totally obsessed and doing this DIY right before my beach vacay. Love this post and how easy it is (me + crafts= questionable)


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