recipe: chipotle lime grilled corn

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With Memorial Day just upon us we over at LEAF have been cooking up recipes for the occasion and one of our favorites is this chipotle lime grilled corn. It’s extremely simple, quick and has a high impact flavor combo. 

Hope you enjoy!

You’ll Need:
 Fresh corn
 Chipotle powder 
 Coarse salt

1. Shuck corn
2. Wash corn
3. Preheat grill or skillet
4. Break corn in half
5. Grill corn over high heat
6. Turn every few minutes until lightly blackened, about 12 minutes
7. Butter, drizzle lime, sprinkle chipotle, & coarse salt

p.s. this no-mayo ‘long weekend coleslaw‘ is the bombdotcom, too.

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  1. Corn on the cob, especially "peaches and cream"', is just about my favourite summer food. Thanks for the recipe, which I will definitely try.

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