recipe: that’s my jam strawberry sundae

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Strawberry Sundae, anyone? Satisfy your sweet tooth this weekend with my simple step by step recipe on creating a delicious summer sundae! IDEAL for 4th of July.

You’ll Need:
– 1 pint strawberries
– 1 tbsp red wine
– 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
– 2 tbsp seedless raspberry jam
– vanilla ice cream

1. Hull (remove stems) and slice strawberries
2. In a small saucepan, combine red wine, balsamic vinegar, raspberry jam – stir over medium heat until smooth
3. Simmer mixture until syrupy and reduced by half
4. Add berries and gently toss
5. Serve over vanilla ice cream

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crudités table decor

 photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted_zpsf95061ae.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted6_zps191debf6.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted4_zps0f8b5e3f.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted2_zps3586e155.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted10_zpsc92b2c6f.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted9_zps5c297ce5.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted3_zps68d0e944.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted5_zps58bf3c55.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted7_zpsda2e52e7.jpg photo Crudite3010stabledecor_becauseimaddicted8_zps2665359f.jpg
Absolutely love the idea of using beautiful and seasonal crudités as centerpieces/table decor in lieu of, or in addition to, flowers. Gorgeous, budget friendly and sustainable.

Here are some crudités table decor ideas and tips from my girlfriends over at Two Fold:

1. Pack vibrant veggies into one long display and center on your table as a fun focal point which doubles as appetizer.

2. Separate legumes, lettuce, cucumbers and white asparagus into separate cups and bowls for a monochromatic spread.

3. Individual crudités cups are perfect for more casual settings or can be used as a passed hors d’oeuvres.

4. Mix fresh flowers with vases of veggies for an unexpected twist on a classic setting.

5. Green and purple Kale and flowering artichokes are standouts in their own right but can also look equally beautiful mixed amongst flowers.


Photos: TwoFold

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