a peek inside: the home of leaftv

 photo leaf-tv-living-room-table-w724-1_zpsd2664a74.jpg photo leaf-tv-kitchen-table-w724-1_zps3e014fe1.jpg photo leaf-tv-chalkboard-h724-1_zpse4ff2fe4.jpg photo leaf-tv-gazpacho-h724-1_zpsed0516ca.jpg
 photo leaf-tv-geri-hirsch-erin-falconer-h724-1_zps9802e6e7.jpg 
From the moment I met Jen Weinberg, the west coast editor of Glamour Magazine, it was girl crush city.  She is one of those people that is impossible not to like – warm, funny, a total cheerleader of everyone around her and as stylish as they come.

When she asked to include Erin and I at LEAFtv in her ‘Chic Peek’ feature we totally blushed and jumped at the opportunity. So, on a gloomy day in Venice we opened our doors for a tour around the studio, some Gazpacho to go and a whole lot of chit chat around  how to glam up your living space. You can check out the full article and the rest of the pictures over on Glamour.

Hope you enjoy our space and thank you again for the feature, Ms. Weinberg! xx

Our outfit details:
Me: Equipment shirt, Levi’s shorts, Elizabeth and James jacket, and Alexander Wang boots.
Erin: Levi’s Jean shirt, Blank NYC jeans, and John Fleuvog shoes.Photos: Glamour

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installations by daniel buren

 photo DanielBuren_zps5c742ede.jpg photo DanielBuren5_zpsb5b40833.png photo DanielBuren6_zps39a539b9.jpg
 photo DanielBuren4_zps26dd03ca.jpg photo DanielBuren2_zps177c3ce5.jpg
How incredible is the various work of french conceptual artist, Daniel Buren?

Daniel Buren a french conceptualist who is well known for his trademark work with stripes is oftentimes referred to as an abstract minimalist.

Challenging the conventional methods of displaying and presenting art, Buren gained notoriety at his first solo exhibition in 1968 when he glued green and white striped materiel to the exterior door of the Apollinaire Gallery in Milan. With a philosophy of reducing art into its more elemental forms while exploring the impact of repetitive motifs, his work with pattern, form and color draws attention to the surrounding environment and architectural framework rather than combating it. Instead of rejecting the environment in which his installations are produced, Buren integrates his art with the space and changes the fundamental nature of the space itself. Buren continues to display his work in a variety of settings including an eye popping collaboration with Marc Jacobs for the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2013 runway show at Paris fashion week. 

 photo DanielBuren3_zpsce30e0d3.jpg
 photo DanielBuren9_zps23eeaaac.jpg photo DanielBuren7_zpscef0abf6.jpg photo DanielBuren10_zps0b0768d9.png photo DanielBuren_zps09b21ff8.jpg

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