pop! by irby pace

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Pop! is a visually exciting series by Texas-based photographer Irby Pace that reinterprets the look of oft-seen open fields, long roads, vast bodies of water, shrouded alleyways, and various desolate landscapes. Pace’s refreshing take on landscape photography incorporates the use of artificial clouds, often seen in surreal, conceptual photography to give the ordinary subject a kick. The clever creative uses helium balloons, string, and smoke canisters typically used in paintball machines to create the mysterious clouds of color smoke in each of his images. They add a vibrant life to their respective settings as they billow against the horizon.

Pace explains, “With Pop! I am creating another way to view the traditional landscape through photography. I am painting the sky with clouds of colored smoke which are released via canisters that I am levitating into the physical space.” He adds, “As a child I would take things apart and figure how they would function only to put them back together again or how to make them do something else. When approaching art making I am bringing this same childhood obsession, how can I use technology to turn art on it’s head. With my work I want to continue to mix classical art techniques and imbued it with new technology.”

Rad or what?

More after the jump and on IrbyPace.com. POP!
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Source & Photos: My Modern Met

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