August 6, 2013

street style: lollapalooza 2013

 photo lollapalooza-street-style-16_113121919305_zps74a0e873.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-13_113119253295_zps25ee4041.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-4_113138835869_zps88a0ca09.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-3_113134569051_zps2cee6750.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-2_11312582516_zps24dabdf9.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-30_113135984654_zpsbc8c7634.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-14_113120128020_zpsedea99c2.jpg  photo lollapalooza-street-style-22_113127459610_zps2e91bb64.jpg
8 stages. 150 bands. 300,000 people. In the middle of Chicago. 

Basically, Grant Park was Street Style City, USA for the weekend and VOGUE’s Leslie Kirchhof was there to capture the stand out skittles. To sum it up: flowing florals, combat boots and a serious sunglasses marathon.  

More of her Lollapalooza musings right this way.

p.s. i’m so going next year.

Photos: VOGUE

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