diy: gucci inspired powder room set

IMG_8892 gold spray paint diy gold spray paint diy gold spray paint diy gold spray paint diy IMG_8901 gold spray paint diy The Gucci Guilty bottle is so sleek – it actually has 24carat gold in it! Ever since I started wearing the fragrance, every time I catch a glimpse of it in my powder room I get inspired to do a little makeover. I did just that last week by adding a few frames, a piece of coral and this DIY powder room set which is ideal for q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties or make-up brushes.

I think the makeover did the bottle some justice, don’t you?

DIY: Gucci Inspired Powder Room Set

You will need:
Gold spray paint
Mason jar
Glass jar with lid

1. Holding the spray paint can about 3-5 inches away, spray paint the lid of your jar and the bottom half of your mason jar.
2. Let dry for at least two hours and add to your space.

p.s. gucci guilty available here!

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