hot toddy

hot toddy

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If you’re looking for a little après-ski or simply a warm cocktail to snuggle up with in these cold months, may I suggest a hot toddy?

Here’s my favorite, and simple, hot toddy recipe along with a LEAF video to accompany it.

1. Fill a mug with very hot water & brew 1 cup of black tea (we used English Breakfast)

2. Add 1 oz brandy

3. Add 1 tbsp honey (or to taste)

4. Add juice of 1/4 lemon, then stir with cinnamon stick

5. Curl up and enjoy!

Cozy, cozy!

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  1. I love hot drinks, but the only thing I’ve managed to make is hot cocoa and coffee! haha. That being said, I will definitely try this for Christmas Eve!

  2. Tried my first Hot Toddy, December 2013 – Early December, with Cloves, Honey. Sprig of Sugar, Brandy… though the cloves we’re abit much, trying to avoid swallowing them.

    Your’s looks to die for, and I shall be tying this evening.

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