February 3, 2014

DIY Rose & Coconut Body Butter

Rose & Coconut Body Butter Rose & Coconut Body Butter Rose & Coconut Body Butter Rose & Coconut Body Butter There’s no doubt that our skin dries up in the midst of the winter, so I asked my friend Diana to show me how to make her incredibly homemade rose & coconut body butter. The all-natural ingredients leave you with baby soft skin and a hint of rose.

How to: DIY Rose & Coconut Body Butter

You’ll Need:
– ½ cup raw coconut oil
– ½ cup unrefined cocoa butter
– Rose essential oil

1. Combine coconut oil and cocoa butter in a [make-shift] double boiler over medium heat
2. Let melt completely
3. Remove from heat
4. Add 20 drops of rose oil
5. Let mixture cool in fridge for an hour until completely solid
6. Whip until light & fluffy, about 10 minutes
7. Add more essential oil to your liking
8. Store in a glass jar

For a how-to video on this DIY head on over to LEAF.tv!


8 Responses to “DIY Rose & Coconut Body Butter”

JolienFebruary 3rd, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I love to make my own bodybutters. It’s so simple, saves you money and there’s definitely nothing nasty in them. Plus you can choose the scents you really like. All-round win!

Btw,you can always add some Vitamin E to it, that makes the oils last longer. And adding a bit of cornstarch is a good idea too.(I’d say for example for the pot here about a teaspoon). It’ll make the butter a bit softer, less greasy.

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