A Look Inside Louise Roe’s Bright Canyon Hideaway

Louise Roe’s Canyon Hideaway Louise Roe’s Canyon Hideaway Louise Roe’s Canyon Hideaway
English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist, Louis Roe, opened the doors of Benedict Canyon home for a tour and it is  just as bright and sunny as she is. She furnished and styled her 1962 house without the help of a decorator and the result is ’70s treehouse chic meets midcentury modern.

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Reformation Launches Wedding Collection

Reformation BridalReformation Bridal Reformation BridalReformation Bridal
If princess-y bridal gowns and awkward fitting bridesmaid dresses aren’t your steez then perhaps Reformation’s wedding collection is.

The just launched collection features simple silhouettes including two wedding dresses ($518 to $588) and six bridesmaid dresses ($198 and $368).

Not too shabby, ay? You can further investigate the dresses here.

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Book Matched Marble

book matched marbleBook Matched MarbleBook Matched Marble book matched marble
How stunning are these symmetrical book matched marble moments? I just love the dramatic effect.

Here’s how they do it:
“When a block of natural stone is processed, it is cut into slabs by a large gang saw which works much the same way as a bread slicer. Once the slabs are cut, they are laid flat to be polished, and then bundled together in the same order at the other end of the processing line. Book-matched slabs are slabs which were right next to each other, but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side by side, you will see that they are a near mirror image of each other. Veining can be matched up to create one unbroken pattern.”

File under: when I can afford to buy a house.

Click through for more stunning book matched marble kitchens, bathrooms, bars, etc.

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