The Pretty in Pink Edible Flower Cocktail

Pretty In Pink Cocktail

Pretty In Pink Cocktail
Whether it’s a perfect red rose, a precious pink tulip or an exotic orchid, flowers have the power to brighten a room and your mood, so I’m all about finding creative ways to incorporate them into summer entertaining. In this months issue of Foam Magazine I share one of my all time favorite edible flower cocktails: The Pretty In Pink.

This cocktail has just the right amount of sweetness and the grapefruit, rosewater and st. germain liqeuor work together perfectly to create a balanced and delicious drink. Plus, it’s pretty!

Recipe: The Pretty In Pink Summer Cocktail

– 3 oz freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
– 1/2 tsp rosewater
– 1/2 oz St. Germain Liqueor
– 1 oz vodka
– Sparkling water

1. Fill glass with flower ice cubes (to make flower cubes add edible flowers such as lilacs, honeysuckle and elderflowers to your ice cube trays, top with water and freeze).
2. Add all ingredients to glass.
3. top with sparkling water and enjoy!

To watch a video of me showing how to make this cocktail head right this way.

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