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leaftv-the-year-of-wellness leaftv-the-year-of-wellness
By now, you guys probably know that my day job is Creative Director (and co-founder) over at LEAFtv. And you probably also know (hopefully!) that back in September we launched a monthly subscription box called The Year of Wellness. I detailed the service here, but basically, each month we send out a hand-curated box (by Erin and I) full of wellness products catered to one theme, or pillar of wellness.

Since we’re already almost 5 months/boxes into the journey (crazy!), I wanted to share some of my favorite products from the boxes we’ve curated so far, plus outline the themes.

Month 1, DETOX: To kick off the program, we start with ridding your body, mind and soul of anything negative or toxic—basically providing you with a reset button. Some of my favorite products this month include the rose clay soap, palo santo sticks (great at clearing negative energy), and a copper water bottle.

Month 2, NOURISH: After a much-needed detox of your system and space, we move on to nourishment—adding clean, healthy foods to your diet, and treating your body to tons of beneficial nutrients. There’s a food spiralizer, a cookbook dedicated to souping (aka the new juicing), and baobab oil, which has insane skin benefits. Such a feel-good month!

Month 3, PURE: This month is all about promoting clean beauty, which is crucial to living a life full of wellness. We’ve just detoxed our bodies and nourished our skin, so the last thing we want to do is put toxins right back in. I’m pretty much obsessed with clean products at the moment, and especially love this month’s organic tampons, natural face cream, and deodorant (that’s healthy AND actually works)!

Month 4, GLOW: As a girl who is always looking to glow (I mean, who isn’t?!), this box was crazy useful. Each product promotes radiance from within, and a little glow assistance for when you need it most. The probiotics in this box are the best on the market—high-quality, and great for helping with digestion/clearing of the system. Also, the rose hydrating face mist and herbal facial steam are the perfect way to treat yourself to a little spa night at home.

We’re curating Month 5’s box this week, so keep an eye out for what the theme will be! P.S. It leads to the best sleep…ever.

Hopefully hearing about these products and themes has inspired you to focus on yourself this month, and maybe you’ll even subscribe?! Everybody starts Month 1, so don’t worry, we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on anything!


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