February Clean Beauty Update


As someone who has never been a beauty junky, I’m now officially addicted (sorry, had to!). My love for beauty products has blossomed as my passion for clean beauty grows and the most exciting part is that the clean beauty industry is exploding at the same time as my insatiable curiosity.

Just a year ago I had a difficult time discovering new products and now it feels like there is an endless pool of non-toxic makeup, cleansers, bath soaks, face masks and just about anything else a beauty fiend could possibly want to have in her arsenal.

Here’s what I’m currently reaching for over and over again (for other clean beauty favorites check out my lists here and here):

Goldfaden Doctors Scrub
I’ve been using this scrub every three days for cell renewal and it’s exactly what my winter skin needs! The ruby crystals polish away dead surface cells, leaving my skin brighter, clearer and younger looking. It’s formulated with anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid, seaweed and organic red tea extracts making for an excellent combo of nourishment and antioxidant protection.

Carbon 6 Charcoal Toothpaste
You may be thinking, “charcoal toothpaste, WTF?” but hear me out. Charcoal toothpaste is having a moment and as strange as it sounds, and actually is to use, I really like it. The pH-balanced, sulfate-free, carbonized paste contains plant-derived antimicrobial oils, oral probiotics and chlorophyll to help maintain not only healthy teeth and gums, but overall health. The activated charcoal removes stains without the harsh silica abrasives of standard toothpaste, and freshens your breath while absorbing and eliminating impurities. Smile!

No Tox Life Eucalyptus Shower Melt
How it works: you place one piece (it contains 4 pieces) in the bottom of your shower by the drain, turn on the hot water, and as you take a shower, the shower melt will fizz and menthol eucalyptus will fill the air, creating a luxurious home steam spa experience. It’s a lovely addition to my morning shower and serves as a reminder to take in long deep breathes as a zen start to the day.

Makes 3 Organic Eucalyptus Cedarwood Soap
I generally use Dr. Bronner’s Organic bar soaps (which I still love) but switched it up after reading that this was the highest rated soap by the EWG. It’s just as delightful as it is healthy.

W3LL PEOPLE – Natural Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer
Similar to the Makes 3 soap, this concealer was also rated one of the cleanest by the EWG. It’s sold at the best beauty shops here in LA but lucky for me (and maybe for you!), you can order it through Amazon which made trying it a no-brainer. I’ve used it every single day since it hit my doorstep and I’m wildly impressed with how well it conceals.

Cocokind Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask
Made with organic spirulina powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic chlorella powder and organic ylang ylang oil, this is certainly not the best smelling mask I’ve put on my face but the benefits outweigh that minor detail. To apply, you use the included spoon, place one full scoop into your palm and mix with an equal amount of water to create a chlorophyll paste. You apply the dark green paste (total Wicked Witch moment) liberally to your face for 10-20 minutes then rinse with warm water. The chlorophyll purifies the skin, helps relieve breakouts, and brings out a really beautiful natural glow.

Cocokind Organic Matcha Body Moisturizer
Organic. Matcha. Body. Moisturizer. Doesn’t that just sound yummy? Made with organic virgin coconut oil, organic matcha tea powder, organic baobab oil and organic sweet orange oil, its creamy in texture and keeps my skin soft, toned, and deeply moisturized.

Mio Skincare Natural dry body brush
If you’re a fan of dry skin brushing and are looking to get more benefits from each stroke, this is it! The addition of the rubber massage nodules is super lux and allegedly they provide additional cellulite eliminating benefits (win!).

Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush
Powered by plant-derived Phyto-Pigments and age-defying serum technology, this creamy formula blends easily and delivers a healthy, natural looking flush that flatters the skin. I also like to add it to my lips for a bump of color.

MUN Aknari Brightening Youth Serum

This is a full face serum but I only use it under my eyes and on my neck. It helps brightens up my under-eye circles and stimulates collagen production.

What clean beauty products are you loving RN?!










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