3 Ways I’ve Improved My Aging Skin

This summer, I’ve been on a mission to get my skin to its best possible shape. Now that I’m officially in my mid-30s (eeeek!), I’ve been noticing some not-so-fun changes over the past year or so. Most noticeably, sun spots from my teenage days at the beach (I’m pretty fair so everything shows up), the little lines and wrinkles that have started to form, and general loss of plumpness that affects complexions when you’re in your twenties. Not fun! So, as the aging process is clearly taking place, I’ve been focusing on ways to feel more confident about my skin and bringing youth back into it—without turning to any harsh procedures. And so far, so good! Here’s what’s helping:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

If I’m obsessed with any skincare product in my bathroom at the moment, it’s this. A dear friend first told me about it, so once SK-II invited me to take part of their #OneBottleAwayFrom journey, I jumped on board. After doing more research, I learned that they use a Japanese sake fermentation process and a specific yeast strain from that process to deliver an ingredient called Pitera, which is basically the secret sauce to this product. I’m a huge believer in most ancient Asian beauty secrets, so I felt secure trying this. I also felt confident that this product would get me back to a more youthful complexion that I’m forever chasing. Aren’t we all?

 And now that I’m working towards my #one bottle away from younger looking skin, I’ve partnered with SK-II to document this journey. I use this product every single day, day and night. I’m committed to my skin improving, and since this is only one step, it’s super simple. Coming from the girl who sometimes has a 20-min skincare routine, I so appreciate instead of using 2-3 targeted products I only use this. this. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper and less time consuming than monthly facials, which I’ve been able to cut back on.

It’s been over a month now, and I can happily say that not only have my stubborn sun spots lessened, but my face looks and feels firmer, hydrated, even, and just…glowy. I’m sure my healthy habits have helped, but I’m generally pretty healthy and my skin doesn’t usually radiate like this. Such a goodie!

Facial massages

I’ve been using a jade roller from GingerChi (see, another beauty process borrowed from ancient Asian cultures!) every night before bed, or in the morning if I’m extra tired. It feels good, but more so than that, it helps your skin detox and fights puffiness—something I’ve noticed that happens more often as I’m getting older. Anyone else?

Water-heavy food

I drink a lot of water in the day, but this summer I’ve been alllll about water-heavy foods too. Think watermelon, cucumber, celery, etc. I make it a point to snack on at least two of these a day, and think it’s helped my skin look hydrated. Plus, I just feel better!

What secrets do you have for improving aged skin? Spill!

This post is sponsored by SK-II.

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  1. Also it’s important to sleep enough (8 hours at least), do not drink a lot of water before to sleep (because you have a risk to wake up with bags under the eyes). And of course, use sunscreen and moisturize your skin!

  2. Water is always number one! It makes a huge difference.

    Teas are also super great for anti aging. You can see their results instantly!


  3. Face massage has been one of my most recent staples! I follow a Japanese routine that I saw on Youtube, and I definitely see immediate difference. This + drinking the recommended amount of water are almost costless ways to care for the skin!

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