Our 10 Favorite Posts of 2018

We’re less than 2 weeks from 2019, which means a new year and a time to self reflect. Which, hello, we can’t do without looking back on everything we did at Because I’m Addicted this year. We’re so grateful for all of you being here because honestly we work really hard on the site – publishing 5 posts a week and running the Instagram account.

So as a little thank you, Chelsea and I have pulled together our 10 favorite posts from this past year. Whether something that touched us personally or a post that you guys seemed to love, here are the Top 10 of 2018:

Geri’s Favorite 5

  1. Best Acne Remedies, According to My Readers – I love crowd sourcing, especially from all of you, and the suggestions which brought this post to life are truly the best acne remedies out there. I put them to use and my skin cleared up within weeks. You guys really know your beauty products! Thank you to everyone who participated.
  2. How to Have a Humbleness Check-In – As much as I enjoy writing and talking about all things wellness, I’m personally a little bored by everyone’s wellness obsessions. A lot of it is vanity focused which is why this post by Chelsea was a favorite. It’s about stripping back and having a humbleness check-in. Worth a read for everyone.
  3. All Motherhood Posts (can’t choose one!) – My Thursday mom posts don’t get a ton of comments since not all of you are moms, but I’ve really loved sharing our journey with you. From overcoming mom insecurities to starting solids and having a low sex drive – we’ve covered a lot in this category and I’m proud of it.
  4. Introducing Leo Gem! – Highlight of my life! Enough said.
  5. The $12 Beauty Item I Can’t Get Enough Of – This roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ice roller, as over 5,000 bought one. Crazy! Thank you to everyone who posted theirs on IG and tagged me which led to the viral ice roller movement. In 2019, I may just have to launch my own (better) version.

Chelsea’s Favorite 5

  1. LIVE WELL: Mute People on Instagram – Loved Geri’s idea here and I’ve since muted probably 1/3 of the people I follow. It’s so refreshing only watching stories by people who bring me joy (and let’s be honest, don’t spam the shit out of Instagram).
  2. 20+ Ways to Practice Whole-body Wellness – I always appreciate creating a good list as much as I do reading one. This is a feel-good list that I remind myself of weekly. Perfect for that new-year attitude, too.
  3. 7 Journaling Prompts for Getting to Know Yourself Better – I rolled my eyes at this idea when I first heard about it, and then I did some journaling. Maybe it’s because writing is cathartic for me, but I appreciate these practices so much now.
  4. 18 Ways to be a Better Person in 2018 – I wrote this post about a year ago but the date doesn’t matter. These ideas can be used any time of year, any year. And who doesn’t want to be a better person?
  5. How To Ditch Your Ego While Pregnant – Praise be for this article written by Geri when she was expecting. As someone pregnant with my first and struggling with body changes, how I’m feeling, etc., this is a beautiful reminder.

Is there a post that stood out to you this year? Anything particular you want us to cover in 2019?


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  1. Thanks for doing a round up! New reader here and I think within the first time of following a blog, posts like this are super helpful to really get a feel for what the blog is all about! Now onto reading the post about Acne remedies – I am seriously looking into upgrading my skincare game right now!
    xx Janine

  2. Thank you for he round-up but also for the all year of hard work which has kept me very good company and is very good. The quality of the contents has been better and better and it feels like now you found your voice for this blog. Also, even if Mamas’ posts don’t get it’s of replies they definitely touched me And I can relate so much with them

    Happy holidays and Happy 2019!

  3. Would actually love a Geri skincare product update! Since becoming a mom last December, I find that figuring out which products are clean enough to be safe and even more importantly – actually WORK – (those sleep-deprived nights and joyful but long days def start to show up on your skin!) is even more important. There’s so much sponsored noise out there that I end up getting overwhelmed and would love to hear from a trustworthy source! Xx

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