Not Giving A f***

Geri Hirsch

It’s been rather rainy here in LA but on days when the sun pops out, I’ve continued on with my no-pants theme (thank you, Hawaii!). As it turns out, wearing a one piece underneath a sheer skirt or dress anywhere far away from a concert stage or boardwalk is one […]

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Street PJs


The whole pajama-to-street trend that’s taken off is something I’m fully behind. There’s something freeing about wearing a silk, loose, slightly messy shirt (aka robe) and dressing it up with other accessories. A casual tuck adds to the ease. The perfect option for weekend nights when escaping your PJs is […]

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Things I’m Loving

things im loving

One thing I adore about reading blogs and the digital space in general is the ease of consuming quality information. Whether that’s a gorgeous kitchen on Pinterest, an interesting article, a bomb recipe on a food blog, or a hilarious video, the amount of shareable content is inspiring. Since there’s […]

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5 Wellness Trends To Try In Los Angeles

los angeles

From freezing, to floating, to sweating and steaming, there is no shortage of wellness trends to try here in Los Angeles. And as proof of that, I’ve made an entire web series about it: The Wellness Experiment. You can tune in to see all of these—some wacky, some excellent—services OR […]

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Existential Crisis

geri hirsch / because im addicted

             I’ve got a confession to make: I’m really struggling to get back into the post-holiday groove. As much as I want to be in the RA-RA-let’s-go-get-em spirit of the new year, I’m having a hard time getting there. I spent a week in Hawaii over the holidays […]

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