What A Traumatic Experience Taught Me About Unconditional Support

They say that hard times reveal great friendship and I felt this more than ever over the last couple of weeks. The support that swarmed around us during my husbands heart attack is what helped get us through it.

In the past, when I was on the other side, I  wasn’t always sure what to do for others during emergency situations. Is it my place? Am I reaching out too much? Should I back off? These and other insecure questions would be on my mind but having gone through a crisis and been on the receiving end of incredible support, I now know the answers. Here’s what our friends and family did for us that made all the difference:

1. Show up. Having people there, sitting in the waiting room, was not underrated. We had lots of friends and family fly across the country, we had countless people at the hospital 24 hours a day (including those that slept in the waiting room) and even though they weren’t sitting in my husbands room with us, knowing they were out in the hallway gave us great strength. It also gave us a reason to walk outside, take a breath and receive much needed hugs.

2. Handle it. One of the things I learned about being in crisis is that the last thing you’re focused on is yourself. That’s where great friends and family come in. There was never ever a time when I needed something to eat, a fresh pair of clothes, another venti coffee or a shoulder to cry on. Everyone else was handling that for us, no questions asked. There was an endless supply of everything we could possibly need even though in that moment we weren’t aware of what we needed. We stayed hydrated, caffenaited, nourished and warm without having to leave the ICU.

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A Very Personal Note On Heart Health

Geri Hirsch + Darin Friedman
Thank you all so much for the concerned snaps, comments and notes regarding my absence from the WWW.  I’m just now coming up for air after going through what is undoubtedly my biggest nightmare.

The story I’m about to share is pretty heavy but I’m sharing with the hope to helps saves lives and I urge you to please share this with those that you love.

On January 20th I got that dreaded call, “Your husband is in the emergency room, you need to go there immediately.”

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My Morning Wellness Routine

geri hirsch_wellness routine
One of the best life changes I made was waking up earlier so that I can wake up slow. I started this habit after I graduated from college and having the time to take a walk, lay around while reading the news, mediate, take a long shower and/or make a good breakfast allows me to start my day off right.

Since waking up earlier means there isn’t a rush, wellness rituals have become an important part of the start to my day and by Snapchat (@GeriHirsch) demand, here is my routine:

1. Drink hot water with lemon
After slowly waking up I mosey on over to the kitchen to make hot water with lemon. I squeeze 1/4-1/2 a lemon into a mug and top it with warm water to cleanse and detox my system, stimulate digestion, release toxins from the liver, jumpstart digestive enzymes, get a vitamin C boost and relish in oh so many other benefits which you can read about here. I sip this as I get ready throughout the morning.

2. Dry skin brush
In full disclosure, skin brushing is a new part of my routine but so far I really enjoy it. The ancient wellness method improves lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite, promotes digestion and supports detoxification. The key is to dry skin brush before you shower using an all natural brush (like this one) for 3-20 minutes (4 minutes is my magic number). When you do it, gently brush in a circular motion, starting from the ankles and wrists moving toward the heart to  improve blood flow. After you shower be sure moisturize. I opt for Fair Trade Shea Butter, coconut oil (yup, this one right out of the jar), natural lotions or organic body oils.

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