7 Steps To Organize Your Makeup

7 Steps To Organize Your Makeup
Let’s be honest, your makeup counter is probably the most cluttered space in your room, second to your jewelry. It’s hard to keep it all together, from lipsticks to lip gloss to cream shadows and… read more
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Beauty Advice From A French Girl

“A woman is at her most beautiful when she’s kind, lively and imaginative, goes through life consciously and stays authentic, however she looks. ” This is the beauty philosophy ofย  Audrey Ducas, a French girl… read more
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5 Chic Celeb Blunt Bobs

The Blunt Bob
First it was the mid-length, then the lob and now for those who want to go even shorter, the blunt bob. Here are five super chic blunt bobs on the likes of Jordan Dunn, Lily… read more
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