3 Hairstyles Inspired By Herbal Essences

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Mornings are an important part of my day. I like to wake up early and wake up slow then fill the early hours with things that make me feel good: a cuddle session, hot water with lemon, a short walk, nutrient packed smoothies and an extra hot shower which is where I set my intentions (Pharrell and Paul McCartney do the same). What does that mean? Simply put, it’s like mapping out my thoughts and and actions for the day.

I’m not the only one who prioritizes a hot shower. Herbal Essences recently did a ‘Shower Power Survey’ and they found that nine out of 10 American women agree that taking time to enjoy their morning shower transforms the rest of their day AND that it is one of the few times during the day where they get to truly “escape.” Furthermore, 65% of American women think skipping a shower would have a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast. They discovered that after an enjoyable shower experience 69% of women feel relaxed, 56% feel prepared for the day, 52% feel happy and 50% feel attractive.

Because the shower experience is such an important part of my day, the products I use are too. So, when Herbal Essences challenged me use their Wild Naturals shampoo/conditioner over the course of one week I was game. I had used Herbal Essences products in the past and loved how rejuvenating and energizing they made me feel.

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How To Take Control of Your Skin Naturally

This is a guest post from Sam Negrin | creator and EIC of AllGoodHealth.net and editorial manager of LEAFtv

If you didn’t have skin problems as a teen, you’re lucky. But for most of us, acne and inflammation have been a regular occurrence for years. If you feel like you’re way too old to be worrying about constant acne, you aren’t alone! Skin is a tricky thing and I, for one, have tried (almost) everything. Dozens of dermatologists prescribing specialty ointments, pills, creams, brand name ‘acne treatments’ that cost over $100/bottle… you name it: my bathroom cabinet had it. Well, I finally got completely fed up with my overflowing cabinet of products that worked for 3-4 weeks and then suddenly stopped. So, I tried a different method. ALL NATURAL! That’s right. I tossed everything, bought a lemon, and started fresh.

Here are 5 tips that worked for me, and I am certain will help you on your journey to glowing skin.

1. Alkaline Your Body. This is extremely important to keeping a healthy gut (digestive tract), which directly correlates to the skin. But what does “alkaline” mean? Our body has different pH levels – ranging from acidic to alkalized. High acidity can lead to acid reflux, heart burn, digestive issues, acne, inflammation and discomfort. Today, the average person tends to lean towards the acidic side – you can pick up a pH strip at the drug store to measure yourself. In any case, research shows that balancing pH first thing in the morning leads to clearer skin and reduced inflammation. You can do this by drinking warm water with lemon or adding 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to a glass of water coupled with a daily probiotic.

2. You Are What You Eat. I can’t stress this enough. Your skin forms from the inside-out. High sugar and dairy intake can cause inflammation and disruption under the skin, which are a big cause of those terrible cysts. By nourishing your entire body with nutrient-dense foods that have a high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron, essential fats and zinc, you are doing your skin a major favor. Think: dark leafy greens, fruit & veggies with rich colors (beets, carrots, peppers, blueberries), and anything probiotic (kombucha, yogurt). Here are 7 foods that can help. You can still treat yourself of course, but if you’re having skin problems, be careful with the sugar- and dairy-rich foods for up to 2 months and notice the results.

3. Drink Lot of H2O! Staying hydrated is essential. Drinking a substantial amount of water keeps your entire body functioning properly, notably: digestive system, which translates to glowing, dewey skin. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and make sure to re-fill it throughout the day. No more excuses.

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3 Bright Red Nail Polishes To Try This Summer

Happy Wife Happy Life by essie Twin Sweater Set' by Essie 2 STOP for Red' by OPI
Red nails are classic and I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect shade. From brights to deeps and hints of orange, there are endless options and I’m always down to try something new (and share it on Instagram, of course –> @gerihirsch).

Here are three colors that I’ve recently tried and liked:

1. 2 coats of Happy Wife Happy Life by Essie
2. 3 coats of Twin Sweater Set by Essie
3. 2 coats of I STOP for Red’ by OPI

For summer, I like reds that have a bit more orange, especially for pedicures, and Happy Wife Happy Life and I STOP for Red have just the right amount. Twin Sweater Set is a true classic but the key is three coats – that extra layer makes your nails incredibly glossy.

What are your favorite nail polish colors?

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