Green & Glowing Smoothie

wellness challenge

  Inspired by my favorite ‘Green & Glowing’ smoothie at Whole Foods, this glass of goodness not only tastes like a tropical vacation, but it’s packed with antioxidants which will leave your skin glowing as though you actually were on vacation! Here’s how to make it: Recipe: Green & Glowing […]

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The Awake Cold Brew Coffee Smoothie

geri-hirsch-The-Cold-Brew-Smoothie feat

Some mornings there is simply not enough time to make coffee AND breakfast. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to make both (ehhh hemm, me!). Either way, leaving the house without caffeine and breakfast is not OK for anyone involved. Enter my favorite caffeine-jolting breakfast option: The cold brew coffee […]

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A Delicious & Gwyneth Paltrow Approved Pitaya Bowl


This beautiful, Gwyneth Paltrow approved (it’s from her latest cookbook, ‘It’s All Easy’), antioxidant-rich smoothie bowl is the perfect breakfast for warm summer mornings… not to mention a great instagram shot, too. Pitaya, or dragon fruit, is similar to açai with a more mild taste and rich magenta color profile. […]

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