DYLANLEX Has Officially Launched A Jewelry Line!

dylanlex necklaces
When I first discovered the necklaces that Drew Ginsburg from DYLANLEX was putting together it blew my mind. She was taking apart vintage and designer necklaces then rebuilding them into the most incredible pieces I’d ever seen. Her raw talent and aesthetic is world domination status and I couldn’t have been more inspired by her work.

Obviously I blogged about her epic jewelry (here) and her must follow instagram account (here) and we eventually became internet friends (#girlcrushhhhhh). When she told me a few months ago that she was launching a jewelry line my heart skipped a beat. DYLANLEX the line…next level!

My friends, it’s officially here!

Six necklaces (RykerFalkorFrankieDeanBowie and Bobbie), one clean website and a brand that I can’t wait to watch grow.

Congratulations, Drew! XOXOXO


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diy: dylanlex stacked neckpiece

 photo dylanlexnecklaces_zpsfb307935.png  photo DIY1-640x480_zps97ae4cce.jpg  photo DIY2-640x480_zps59a3c2b6.jpg  photo DIY4-640x480_zps768adcfb.jpg  photo DIY5a-640x853_zpsf1dfe8ae.jpg  photo DIY5-640x480_zpsb7d39474.jpg  photo DIY6-640x480_zps864ffb39.jpg  photo DIY7-640x480_zps38e31918.jpg  photo DIY9-640x480_zps34c2f97c.jpg  photo DIY10-640x480_zps106421a6.jpg  photo diy-stacked-necklace-046-640x795_zpsaa35c9e0.jpg
When I came across ‘Me and Lex‘ I lost my mind. They make the most incredible necklaces I’ve ever seen. Ever!!

I searched high and low to buy one but it turns out they don’t sell them (seriously hope that changes) so I attempted make my own which didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  Luckily for of us ‘A Pair And A Spare‘ teamed up with Drew from the duo to show us how they really build their insanity.

Consider me officially overjoyed and consider my necklaces forever cut up.

Full instructions right this way.

THANK YOU, Geneva!!!

Photos: A Pair And A Spare

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me and lex

 photo dylanlexnecklaces_zpsfb307935.png  photo MeandLexmarch-1_zps30aea51f.png  photo meandlexnecklaces4_zps19863ed3.png  photo MeandLexDecemberNP1_zpsc34bb402.png  photo meandlexnecklaces_zps5a82eb7e.png  photo meandlexaug3a-1_zps73a27e48.png  photo meandlexnecklaces2_zps755579f8.png  photo MeandLexHannukah0-1_zps0896f8eb.png  photo meandlexnecklaces9_zpse629b275.png  photo MEandLEXla5-1_zps285d6d27.png  photo meandlexnecklaces6_zpsb1d81752.png  photo MeandLex4waysDeux-2_zps844ad8ee.png  photo MeandLexNP3_zps6a6f758e.png  photo MeandLex4waysDeux-1_zps4083acb9.png  photo MeandLexNP4-2_zps19238b13.png  photo meandlexaug3a-1_zps73a27e48.png  photo MeandLexNP4_zpsba8381ce.png  photo MEandLEXsame-1_zps94395b84.png  photo DYLANLEXtoyko2_zpsb56c1e13.png  photo creamsicleshades3_zps2343ae6f.png
You guys!!!!! 

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!!  Omgomgomgggggg.

My mind is so blown right now by Me & Lex – a blog created by two sisters who not only have sick style but make the most incredible necklaces I’ve ever seen.  They take apart vintage and designer necklaces and rebuild them into these INSANE pieces. 

You guys!!!!! This is so genius!!!! I can’t even handle it.

Photos: Me & Lex

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